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RTL-6 Series Hermetic Sealed Log Amplifiers

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RTI has developed a series of hybrid log amplifiers that are small in size, light in weight, and high on reliability. These units are hermetically sealed devices with 50 Ohm PCB mountable pins. The amplifiers are available in a variety of chassis packages and are designed to meet MIL-STD-5400 and MIL-STD-16400 environments and can be cycled to MIL-STD 883, Method 1010, Condition A.

Design Note: Radar Technology can customize any of our products to meet your individual system requirements. RTI also offers many Form, Fit, Function replacements to old RHG Electronics Amplifiers.


  • Hermetically Sealed
  • PCB Mountable
  • 80dB Dynamic Range
  • ± 1dB Linearity
General Specifications
Linearity ±1 dB (add ±0.5 dB over Temperature)
(-30°C to +71°C)
Sensitivity 25mV/dB (typ)
Source Impedance 50 Ohms
Video Load Input 93 Ohms
Power Requirements ± 15V DC
Connectors PCB Mountable Pins

Optional Specifications
Limited IF Output 0dBm (add suffix B)
or 10dBm (add suffix B+)
Power Supplies ± 12V DC (add suffix C)
Matched Set 2,3 units/set (add suffix M)

RTL-6 Specification Table
Model Center Frequency(MHz) Bandwidth(MHz) Rise Time(uS) Dynamic Range(dB) Input Power(dBm)
RTL-6-10031030.580-80 to 0
RTL-6-30023020.580-80 to 0
RTL-6-30043040.2580-80 to 0
RTL-6-301030100.180-80 to 0
RTL-6-451045100.180-80 to 0
RTL-6-601060100.180-80 to 0
RTL-6-602060200.0580-80 to 0
RTL-6-701070100.180-80 to 0
RTL-6-702070200.0580-80 to 0
RTL-6-12020120200.0570-70 to 0
RTL-6-12040120400.0370-70 to 0
RTL-6-16020160200.0570-70 to 0
RTL-6-16030160300.0470-70 to 0
RTL-6-16040160400.0370-70 to 0