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RTA-4 Series Linear Hybrid Amplifiers

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RTI has developed a series of linear amplifiers that offer excellent linearity with exceptionally wide dynamic range. By providing adequate gain, these amplifiers are able to boost the levels of CW and pulsed signals for additonal IF or video signal processing.

Design Note: Radar Technology can customize any of our products to meet your individual system requirements. RTI also offers many Form, Fit, Function replacements to old RHG Electronics Amplifiers.


  • 10-1000MHz Frequency Range
  • 60-70dB Gain
  • Gain Control
  • Low Noise
General Specifications
Gain Control 50dB (min)
Gain Control Voltage 0 to -4V (nom)
Source Impedance 50 Ohms
Video Load Impedance 93 Ohms
Temperature Range -30°C to +71°C
Connectors SMA

Optional Specifications
DC Coupled Video Output (add suffix D)(requires ±15V DC)
Power Supplies ±12V DC (add suffix C)
Matched Set:(Gain/Phase) 2,3 units/set (add suffix M)

RTA-4 Specification Table
Model Center Frequency (MHz) Bandwidth (MHz) Noise Figure (dB) Dynamic Range (dB) Power Supply(V DC)
RTA-4-10031034 70 -15
RTA-4-30023024 70 -15
RTA-4-301030104 70 -15
RTA-4-601060104 70 -15
RTA-4-602060204 70 -15
RTA-4-701070104 70 -15
RTA-4-702070204 70 -15
RTA-4-12020120205 60 -15
RTA-4-12040120405 60 -15
RTA-4-16020160205 60 -15
RTA-4-16040160405 60 -15
RTA-4-3003002005 60 ±15
RTA-4-5005002005 60 ±15
RTA-4-7507503005 60 ±15
RTA-4-100010005005 60 ±15